Mettle just dropped some rad coverage of SSCXWCXPDX. Head over to Mettle for more! 

Everyone hoped it wouldn’t happen, but here it is: Video Proof of the 2016 SSCXWC. When the circus comes to town, you bring your best whether you’re paid talent, slave labor, or a spectator. Tired of seeing drunken flemish men falling over barriers turn into the most exciting part of the day? Do you love the smell of Port-O-Pottys? Sick of seeing World Champion Domination?

This is for you...except the last part. That still happened and 149 other racers from around the world got to line up against the best: Sven Nys.

Competing for the actual “worst retirement ever”, Sven gave us one last grand look at a legend in action so it only seemed fitting to pay respects to our first love of cyclocross and the gateway drug that got us hooked:


...This was a terrible idea...
— Mettle

Adventure On: Morning

Adventure On: Morning

I’m out and rolling by 6:00am and for the next, two sublime hours, I’m riding! Before the traffic, before the work, before I am expected to show up and act “professionally,” before it’s time to be “Papa;” I get to experience the thrill and the simple beauty of riding a bicycle.

WTB Byway

WTB just launched a new tire called the Byway and they look awesome! The Byway's seem like the perfect adventure / bike touring tire. Let us know what you think below! 

Our most dirt-centric Road Plus tire yet, the Byway Road Plus tire delivers supple plus-size traction and smooth riding characteristics farther into the dirt. Staying true to its road usage, a slick centerline borders angular hatching to keep everything smooth on sections of pavement. Intermediate, diamond-shaped peaks provide steadfast traction under power, while consistent and more substantial side knobs extend down the side to protect it against ill-intentioned rocks or gashes while exploring new areas. With the same overall diameter as a 700 x 30mm road tire, Road Plus provides the option for two different riding experiences with the same endurance road bike. The Byway Road Plus tire allows riders to find comfort on remote gravel roads without being slowed down on the pavement required to reach them.

Phil Gaimon's "Worst Retirement Ever"

Phil Gaimon's "Worst Retirement Ever," is fucking hilarious. Keep it up Phil, digging these! 

Phil Gaimon wasn't good enough to be a pro cyclist anymore, and now he sucks at retiring, too. Join him as he travels the country chasing hillclimb records and Strava KOMs, sometimes from dopers.