Purist Bottles Available Now!

We made bottles! 

Your body cannot survive without sufficient water and we want to make sure you do it in style. The Broken & Coastal Purist was designed in Portland, Oregon with graphics from Sasha Stim-Fogel. Our 22oz Purist Bottles feature the Watergate caps and are available just in time for summer!

Pick them up here on our new web store! Take $2 off with O2YFPHI-2OFF


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Proceeds from the bottles will be going towards printing costs for our next magazine. Purchasing a bottle or two is the easiest way to help support the magazine right now! You can never have too many bottles right?


Specialized’s Purist technology shields the bottle from any bad taste, mold, or staining.  
Handcrafted in California
Leak Proof Caps
BPA free
100% recyclable
Non toxic inks

Introducing Resolute 42: The All-Weather Gravel Tire

Looking for some 40s withs some more bite for your CX or Gravel rig? These new Resolute tires from WTB are looking really good. 42c, tan sidewalls and some nice bite to get rad on. 

The all-new Resolute 42 is the ultimate all-weather gravel tire for those who believe there is a perfect tread pattern for every ride. Small, square knobs deliver consistent bite into a variety of terrain, while the ample spaces between them prevent packing up when conditions become fun (a.k.a wet). Truly all-season in nature, its 42mm width makes it a set-it-and-forget-it gravel tire for endlessly undulating roads through all varieties of weather.

A Whole Different Enchilada

A twist on a Moab classic with Josh Dirksen & Adam Craig

In the great debate of summer vs. winter, it's actually the shoulder seasons that are arguably the best. After all, it's not often that you can combine two of your favorite seasonal sports and shred both white and brown pow in the same day, right? So after conjuring up an epic 3-day, dual-sport adventure that put a unique twist on the Moab classic -- The Whole Enchilada -- duo Adam Craig (a pro biker turned skier) and Josh Dirksen (a pro snowboarder turned biker) set off to experience the rugged beauty of Southern Utah's high desert. What transpired was A Whole Different Enchilada... -EVO

I think we picked the perfect time of year to come out here, when everything is available and everything is an
— Josh Dirksen

Ratboy Rides Burgtec

From the volcanic atmosphere in New Zealand to our hammocks in Sheffield. Rat rides burgtec bars, stem and pedals. Go check them at www.Burgtec.co.uk @burgtec Filmed and edited by Josh Lewis.

Music in order: Trujillo Trio - Trunk boyz // Kevin Radical - Rattometer // Arrested Development - Mans Final Frontier.

WTB Byway

WTB just launched a new tire called the Byway and they look awesome! The Byway's seem like the perfect adventure / bike touring tire. Let us know what you think below! 

Our most dirt-centric Road Plus tire yet, the Byway Road Plus tire delivers supple plus-size traction and smooth riding characteristics farther into the dirt. Staying true to its road usage, a slick centerline borders angular hatching to keep everything smooth on sections of pavement. Intermediate, diamond-shaped peaks provide steadfast traction under power, while consistent and more substantial side knobs extend down the side to protect it against ill-intentioned rocks or gashes while exploring new areas. With the same overall diameter as a 700 x 30mm road tire, Road Plus provides the option for two different riding experiences with the same endurance road bike. The Byway Road Plus tire allows riders to find comfort on remote gravel roads without being slowed down on the pavement required to reach them.