Winter Riding at the Black Rock Mountain Bike Trails in Falls City Oregon

Black Rock is a Mountain Bike trail system located in Falls City, Oregon. The trails are maintained by the BRMBA or Black Rock Mountain Bike Association. The trails have been around since the late 80's and so much love has gone into them. Black Rock is mountain biking paradise tucked away in a small town just outside of Salem. 

Winter riding in Oregon is super rad but you really have to know how to read the weather and understand what trails are best in those conditions. So here we are in mid December, the roads were frozen but the skies were clear. 

The road leading into Black Rock is gravel and hugs a small river. If you're traveling in winter make sure you got a car that can deal with some potentially bad conditions. Bring chains or have a rad off-road vehicle like Eric's Westie. 

Black Rock has something for everyone but we were on a mission to send. Grannys Kitchen is a serious Double Black with some huge moves. To my suprise there were still some fun sections that could be ridden that felt more like Single Blacks. 

It's always a blast riding with new friends, seeing progression and pushing eachother to step out side of our comfort zones. 

Black Rock is indeed a rad winter spot just outside of Salem. Please make sure to follow BRMBA on Facebook and don't hesitate to message them about trail conditions. If you're already a fan of Black Rock and want to support the cause make sure to shoot them a donation!