Winter Cycling Glove Collection : Part One

WGC_P1_01 Winter is tough on the East Coast. I am from the Bay Area and my body is simply not set up to cope with the winter conditions that we endure out here in NYC. For me the body parts that suffer the most are my hands, feet and my "manhood."

Below is a break down of my current set up and I can tell you right now. I will need something warmer for when the temps really start to dip! Lets discuss that in Part Two.

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Giro Ambient

The Ambients are pretty new to me. I've had them for about a month now and have only put in a few hundred miles with them. They seem to work great in the mid 30's and low 40's. I think anything below 30 I'd be in trouble though. As the temps drop I plan on combining these with a glove liner and a shell.

Learn more about the Giro Ambient here.

Update : Rode with the Ambients combined with the Gore Liner for three hours in below freezing conditions. It was so cold the water froze in my bottles. The gloves did a pretty good job. There were times were I had severe pain in my fingertips and then would go away. With that said I will be purchasing a lobster claw shell to go over them and should be all set for riding in freezing conditions this winter!

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Defeet Wool I've owned the Defeet Wool gloves for a couple years now and love them. They're awesome for both on and off the bike. These are great for the transition from Summer to Fall or Winter to Spring.

The Defeets come in two versions. The merino version is $22 and the synth versions go for $17. At these prices there is no reason to not pick up a pair.

Learn more here.

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Gore Universal Gloves

I know nothing about these gloves. I picked them up at RACycles when shopping for winter bib tights. So far they've been great for layering underneath my Defeets and Ambients. They work with my cellphone which is a plus. When layered I can pull of the first glove and just use the Gore to access my phone. This keeps my hands warm since I don't have to expose my bare skin to the elements.

The Gore gloves are a little thick for being a liner but seem to work at keeping my hands both warm and dry.

Learn more about them here.

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Thanks for checking out Part One of my journey to warm hands this winter. Check back soon as I continue to dial in my set up as temps settle into the mid twenties here in the East Coast. If you have a moment check us out on Instagram and Tumblr.