What I Learned Mountain Biking in Squamish

I spent a week exploring the beautiful trails of Squamish and the following is what I learned.


Don’t let the Wildlife scare you from riding alone. I was alone the majority of my trip in BC and I was constantly fearful of Bears and Cougars. The reality is that these animals don’t want anything to do with us. I spoke with numerous locals whom never encountered a hostile bear on the trail their entire lives. No one I spoke to have ever seen a cougar. I am not going to lie. I was fearful in the woods at times but towards the end of my trip I gained confidence to explore the various zones in Squamish.



The trails will ruin mountain biking for you. Obviously this is an exaggeration but after spending 12 beautiful days in BC I can’t help but feel depressed. Oregon has some amazing riding but the challenging roots, rock rolls, slabs and jumps of BC will haunt me until I can ride them again.



Trail ratings are much tougher than in the USA. A Blue trail in BC is like a Black trail in the USA. Get ready to get rowdy!



There are different zones in Squamish. Highland, Diamond Head, Valleycliffe and Brohm/ Catlakes. Each zone has unique characteristics. I could ride the trails in Highland all day long! The great thing though is you could ride all these zones in one day if you wanted to.



There are a lot of good bike shops in Squamish. The Tantalus Bike Shop was recommended to me by a friend and they even have their own hot sauce!



Support Squamish trails and purchase a Sorca trail pass. Trail passes are 20 CAD and come with a map which is super useful. Trailforks is great but what better way to spend your night at the campsite then planning your next day's adventure over a real map!

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