Waldo Lake Loop Trail


It’s Sunday morning and we’re hungover at the Willamette Mountain Mercantile in Oakridge. Our goal is to find a new trail to explore before heading back to Portland. Last nights Margaritas and IPAs have done some serious damage. Our crew is beat. With some help from the locals we decide on the 21.2 miles IMBA epic at Waldo Lake. [portfolio_slideshow id=4529 width=1200]

Waldo Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Oregon and one of the purest in the world. The alpine lake is located in the Cascade Mountains 18 miles from Oakridge. The water is incredibly clear and it is said that on some days you can see to depth of 120 feet.

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Theres talk of mosquitos. Apparently they can be pretty bad up there. Our heads clouded with the previous nights bad decisions. Damn. I am so fucking hung over. Life slowly comes back to the legs as we descend into the loamy forest ripe from a previous rain.

"The elevation gain of the overall ride is manageable, however the relentless short, steep climbs and technical sections will give you a quite a workout. There are incredible views of the lake throughout the ride and plenty of spots to cool off during the hot summer months. Pick up the Waldo Lake Trail from the main parking area at the northeast corner of the lake and complete the loop either clockwise or counter-clockwise.” - MTB Project