Tuesdays are dead

The Portland Trophy Cup is over. Tuesdays are dead!


Promoters take notes because the Trophy Cup is hands down the best series in Portland. 


Last nights race was madness and the fall weather really created a special vibe.

It got dark really fast but nothing was going to hold these ladies back from crushing. 

Portland knows how to have a good time. 


Left. Tay killed it in her first year as a Cat 1. That whole field should be scared. 
Right. Gritchelle shoots really good photos. Follow her new IG account @gritchelle.photography


Mike enabled the Speedo and fucking crushed the barriers. Savage! 

The men + singlespeed race was a blast. The course layout made for some killer spectating.


Mike and Ryan unlocked the barrier and sent it. Did you know Ryan used to be afamous BMX rider? Seriously, check this out!  

The party / award ceremony is this Friday at the Athletic. Head over to Portland Trophy Cup for more info.