Touring Iran on No Life Like This Life

Head over to No Life Like This Life for a feature by Alexander Bochkov on bike touring in Iran.

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Iranian cities are filled with amazing aromas of different spices, fresh flat bread which is baked on every street, and sweet stuff from numerous patisseries. But unfortunately first of all you pick up a smell of car exhaust emissions. In Shiraz we walked around the city and visited the market. Our second host was a local pick-up artist who wanted to pick up a girl using foreigners. He also promised to take us to an amazing place, but it turned out to be a huge shopping center. Nothing interesting. From Shiraz we finally started our bike tour. It was terrifically hot, hard to find any shady spot and there was no water around. Our skin on face and hands got brown and the air was dry as my favorite wine. But because of piercing wind, we couldn’t take off our jackets during the stops. We rode higher and higher. Beautiful mountain sceneries, steep and long descents with blind turns and smooth asphalt. Sometimes we went by the remains of ancient aqueducts and fortresses built at the beginning of the past millennium.
— Alexander Bochkov

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