Top of the World

In August I was traveling around BC and made a quintessential stop in Whistler.

The Top of the World was open so I had to give it a go. 

"Starting from the summit of Whistler Mountain and descending through some of the most stunning alpine landscapes, Top of the World is the Whistler Mountain Bike Park's pinnacle experience that is unlike any other trail in North America. With a 5,000 vertical foot descent back to Whistler Village, Top of the World is on the bucket list for all advanced mountain bikers."

Endless views 

It costs an additional 35 CAD to get to the top and the ticket is only good for one run. 

Serious exposure on a flimsy lift. 

The lush mountain gives way to snow covered peaks. 

I missed out on Top of the World last year due to the snow pack. 

The top was breathtaking. Not pictured, 100+ tourists with selfie sticks. 


I'd stay up here for hours if it weren't for all of the tourists. 

Dropping in. 

The top section of the trail was pretty rowdy. 

Alpine meadows and lots of rock smashing. 

Eric's bike lives on.... until next year Whistler!