Thailand Part Three : Cycling Panwa Bay

thai_pt3_02 I only had one more day to ride in Phuket before I set out to Phitsanulok. I figured I'd take the route I did the day before but skip the climb to the Big Buddah and explore the coast.


As I was making my way down the coast I saw a hill to my right that looked pretty gnarly. I coasted for a bit so I could check it out on Garmin and saw that it would lead me to a nice rural road along the coast. From a distance the hill looked steep but manageable.


As I started the climb I forced my self to pace my breathing and kept a watchful eye on my heart rate.


Half way up the climb I pulled over into a driveway to reflect on the little distance I had covered. I am half way up and I am already in trouble.


As I pedaled closer to the top I lost control of my breathing. Reality started to settle in. I am in Thailand. Alone. Cycling in a rural area with zero support. It's 90 degrees out and your body is giving out. Most importantly. I need enough energy to make sure I can ride back to my hotel.

A few meters from the top I exploded. I walked my bicycle to the top. I wanted to die. The heat. The sweat. My breathe weak as if it could stop at any moment.


This was the view I got to enjoy once I got out to Panwa Bay. Not bad!

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