Thailand Part six : Hospitals and Barbecues

thai_pt6_01 Thoy's been having stomach problems on and off for many years. We've been too numerous specialists and they've never really came to a conclusion on whats wrong with her. Despite her being insured in NYC it's actually cheaper to get medical work done in Thailand. Wake up America! Anyways we got some tests done and her stomach looks good internally which is good news.


Despite being in the hospital we definitely had a good time.


Thoy's nephew strolled out one day wearing one of the Transparent BMX t shirts I had made a long long time ago. Rad to see the t shirt lives on.


It's been awhile since I've had some snake fish! They come from the river and their heads really do look like a snake. Fried chilies and herbs. You can't beat it. Make sure to cop some when you visit Thailand.


It turned out to be a pretty bad idea wearing my Cadence Collection Grid Kit because it had rained throughout the night leaving the streets littered with puddles and mud. By the time I got home from the ride my kit was stained with red mud. Oh well! Thats what they're made for!


This temple is just a few houses down from Thoy's parents place. Not bad!


Thailand has the chip game on lock. Munchies for days!


I love Thai Barbecues! This evenings session was unbelievable.



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