Thailand Part Seven : Cycling Chiang Mai Day One


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[pullquote align="left"]Chiang Mai has always felt like my second home.[/pullquote] I first came here 10 years ago when I was 17 years old thrashing around Thailand with my older brother. It's here where I discovered that Thailand had a cycling scene and it's here that I decided that I would soon travel back.

This would be the first trip that I brought my road bike instead of my BMX bike. I had a few goals on this trip and one of those goals was to climb Doi Sutep.

Check out the narrated slideshow above for more randomness and ranting.

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Follow the rest of my journey here on Broken and Coastal as I climb Doi Sutep and thrash around Chiang Mai. You can also find some rad stuff on my instagram @stayfed and my tumblr @pedaloften.