Thailand Part One : Bangkok Bound


[portfolio_slideshow id=632]Waking up at 3am for a flight is no fun. My wife and I hopped on a flight from JFK to Washington. From Washington we headed to Japan which took 13 long long long long hours. I literally watched five movies in a row! I couldn't sleep. Luckily we upgraded our tickets and got some seats with some legit leg room.

We got to stretch our legs in Japan and then hopped on a flight to Bangkok which I pretty much slept through.

My buddy Noom picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel. We grabbed our first meal in Thailand at a local joint serving seafood. Legit to say the least. Fuck what you heard.

I only had one day in Bangkok before we hopped on a flight to Phuket. I took the opportunity to check out what was showing at the TCDC.

P.S. My bike made the trip. The box took a beating but at least it wasn't lost!