Thailand Part Five : Cycle Bueng Phra

Phitsanulok is a city often overlooked by travelers and the few that do come here tend to have a hard time. The secret of Phitsanulok is that you have to have some Thai friends here to show you around and help you discover the rad restaurants and night life. thai_pt5_05

The city is pretty flat but if you go a little further there are some beautiful mountains waiting for you!


I actually took a spill not much after setting out on this ride. Phitsanulok received some heavy rains the night before and I slid out on a roadside reflective strip. For a moment I almost turned back. I tweaked my shoulder pretty bad and I could already feel my hip swelling up.


How can you suffer with scenery like this.


The mountains in the distance.


Right from the start the climbing got pretty serious. 15% - 23% grades in combination of some brutal 90 degree weather.


Suffering in the most beautiful way possible.


One thing that was constantly in the back of my mind is how isolated I was. When riding alone in places like this you really have to take care of yourself and make sure you will have enough strength to make it home. It also means you have to be a little more reserved on your descents.


As I explored the peak of the mountain I discovered this lake in a little village near Bueng Phra.


I wasn't particularly looking forward to some of the descents since I knew I was going to be on the brakes the entire time. Bombing 23% grades by yourself in the middle of nowhere is beyond reckless.





This was the final corner of the final decent. Leading up to it I had been pulling the brakes all the way and was still going down over 10mph. Next time I am going to bring some disc brakes with me!


The ride back home was grueling. 90 + degree weather was relentless as I made my way through farm land with no shade in sight!

The next day I a pretty severe heat rash on my arm and legs. More about that some other time.

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