Team Coastal at Trophy Cup Race 2

I've been wanting to get these write ups out a little faster but well, you know....

Team Coastal is making moves and it's been a blast coming out to the Portland Trophy Cup. Thanks Clint for putting together such a great series!

P.S. Bring back the Poler barrier jump!!!!

The kits are looking pretty good. If you've never worked on a custom cycling kit it's quiet the process. I learned a lot. Overall I am pretty happy with how everything came out but there is definitely a lot to improve upon. Check back soon for article where I go through my entire design process, what I learned, what I wished I changed, etc. 

Trophy_Race2_ (54 of 122).jpg

Shelli always gives her heart in these races and it's rad seeing all of those MTB skills coming into play. Looking dialed out there Shellz! 

Team Coastal Race Results

Beginner Women
10 - Tina Summers
11 - Shellie Cowling

Women 1/2
6 - Taylor Snider

Master Men 3/4
20 - Chris Friedrich

Men 3/4
14 - Matthew Wilkins

Men Singlespeed
22 - Matthew Wilkins
30 - Ryan Butler

Click here for the full results

Tina is the newest member of the crew and has been holding it down and having a blast at all of weekday races! 

Trophy_Race2_ (40 of 122).jpg

Chris has been riding super smooth every race. 

Trophy_Race2_ (41 of 122).jpg

Wilkins insists on racing 3/4 and Singlespeed. Beast. 

Tay is looking more and more comfortable out in the women's 1/2 field. 

Ryan mastering the art of peeing in a skinsuit. 

The men's singlespeed field is huge. 

One last time over the barriers for Ryan. Those uphill barriers were giving lots of people trouble but Ryan kept it smooth.