Team Coastal at Trophy Cup Race 1

Cyclocross is officially going off in Portland and the first Trophy Cup race of the year is a wrap. 


We started a team this year! Friends, cool kits, bikes, racing and beer. It doesn't get any better!  

Clint and crew put together a fantastic race. Trophy Cup has seemed to become a new classic in the Portland race scene symbolically lighting the torch for the beginning of the cyclocross season. The course is long and flowy with plenty of challenges per lap. The crowd of people by the barriers and trees creates an immensely fun energy that racers and spectators look for all season long.
— Ryan Butler
A big thank you for everybody who came out last night for first week of Trophy Cup. We had a few hiccups with registration and I want to extend an apology for that. We held the races as long as we could but I think a couple of folks may have missed their race. If that happened to you, get in touch. Your race is covered next week and I’ll buy you a tamale. I promise, the tamales are really good.
— Portland Trophy Cup

Team Coastal Race Results

Beginner Women 3/4
14 - Tina Summers
18 - Shellie Cowling

Women 1/2
9 - Taylor Snider

Women Singlespeed
10 - Gritchelle Fallesgon
11 - Erin Smith

Master Men 3/4
20 - Chris Friedrich

Men 3/4
14 - Matthew Wilkins

Men 1/2
16 - Christopher San Agustin

Men Singlespeed
19 - Matthew Wilkins
16 - Forest Wilson
30 - Leopold Jung
33 - Ryan Butler

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Photos provided by Gritchelle, Chris and Jeff. 

For more information about Team Coastal head over to our team page!