The Bacona Backroads


Don is a legend. Not because he has over 60 thousand Instagram followers or that he is an insanely talented photographer but because he's the kind of dude that shows up for the Oregon Outback (a 380 mile ride across the State of Oregon) with no sleeping pad. He's the kinda dude that wants to ride a 100+ mile back country gravel route on his road bike because he doesn't want to pack his Adventure Bike. Gotta love Don, that dude is a legend. So with that said it's quickly becoming a tradition to do an epic ride when Don is in town. So why not do a 100 + mile ride in the backroads of Washington County aka the Bacona Backroads.

The route was conceived by Ride With GPS Ambassador Unpaved and the first paragraph of the ride description is pretty accurate.

"This is truely an epic route. It has something for everyone -- as long as everyone likes adventure. This isn't an easy ride. The climbs, distance and gravel make for a hard day. You shouldn't even think of attempting this route without a solid GPS. Though you're not far from civilization, you will certainly feel like you are."

- Unpaved


The ride was littered with steep gravelly descents. The safest thing to do was let go of your brakes and have faith in your tires. Easier said than done. Speaking of tires.Don got 4 flats or was it 5 flats? It was probably 5 flats. Never mind the flats. Don almost died. Like I mentioned before the route was littered with steep descents. Don almost went head first into a truck on one of those descents and it was one of the scariest things I've ever witnessed. Shout out to the guy driving the truck because his reaction skills definitely saved Don's life.


Craig kept the group together as it slowly began to fall apart. Craig's awesome at that. So if your masochist like us, by all means....Learn more about the Bacona Backroad ride here.