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Sunburns and Poison Oak Cascadia Dirt Cup Mini Episode

Sunburns and Poison Oak Cascadia Dirt Cup Mini Episode

A break from the rain and a big day on the Mountain Bike. With just eight days left to the Cascadia Dirt Cup, it was time to make sure the legs still worked. We knocked out 5200 ft of climbing, got a sunburn, and yeah a little poison oak. Worth it!

Syncline with Adam and Wilcox

Our Friday escape from Portland could not have been any better. Killer dirt, misty mountains, blazing sunshine, and hella smiles! 

Adam's new Ritchey Timberwolf is fire. 

Hella sends. 

I love this tree. 

The cattle was a trip. So beautiful. 

Taking in the view and sun before dropping in. 

Winter Sunshine

Winter Sunshine

Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and for the next couple of months will be chasing the weather. Syncline is situated across the Columbia River from Oregon and has a very unusual weather pattern. Often if it's raining in Portland there is a good chance it will be dry and sunny in at Syncline. 

Syncline For the Very First Time

Syncline For the Very First Time

It wasn't long ago that I was being shuttled off to Washington to ride some of my first trails in the Pacific Northwest. I love that feeling of not knowing what your getting into. Staring out the window you dream about what the trail will be like, will you be able to hang with the group, are you getting in over your head, and did I bring the right gear with me. I love that feeling. I wonder what was going through Craig's head as we drove down the 84 towards Hood River. Craig secured a demo for the day and this would his second time riding some real trails. It's early. He's probably still thinking of a warm bed or a hot cup of coffee.

Syncline : My First Mountain Bike Ride in Oregon


I spent all winter in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It was the worst winter the city had seen in over 50 years. Good things come to those who wait. New York is behind me now. I will never go back. I am back in Portland Oregon and we’re driving into Washington on our way to Syncline. This is my first experience mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest and it’s raining hard. I am assured that the weather system near Hood River will be perfect so I sit back and take in the amazing Columbia River.

Sure enough the rain fades into a brilliant blue and we’re bathed in sunlight as we pull onto Courtney Road.

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