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My first time in Bellingham

My first time in Bellingham

I've driven past Bellingham a dozen times but for whatever reason have never spent anytime there. So when my buddy Eric brought up the idea to go up for a quick mid-week three-day trip I had to jump on board. 

We stayed in an amazing farmhouse in Mt Vernon (Thanks Benny!) and got two solid days of riding in at the mountain bike trails on Galbraith Mountain.

Smooth Jazz Lines MTB Jersey

Head over to Smooth Jazz Lines and jump on a preorder of their MTB jersey before it's too late. Preorder ends May 21st!

SJLMTBCSystems is proud to offer you this exciting opportunity to join our rapidly expanding research group. Be your own Facilitator! Our first jersey is a product made for us by Castelli ( an unfair advantage ) designed especially for keeping it in the GreenZone. Basically its a loose fit mtb jersey with two zipper pockets on the back for carrying your essential botanicals, psychic patch kits, sage and the like. 

We designed the graphics to keep your MindEye resonating with just the right amount of expansiveness. Space is the place! It’s perfect for finding the HighLine, optimizing your research patterns, receiving positive ions from mother Gia, exploring the possibilities of sacred tubeless tire setups and any other ley line associated activities. Just remember, get high, stay light. 
— Smooth Jazz Lines

Tokul Mountain Bike Trails

When I got word I'd be working in Seattle for a couple weeks, so many things rushed through my mind. What bike do I bring? Who is going to water my plants? Where will I be staying? Is it going to rain? And most importantly, will I be able to mountain bike? Well......

The cycling community is strong and the Washington Mountain Biking community is even stronger. My buddy Chip aka @workingoutinjeans made some smooth jazz lines and a plan was set. Matt from the Polka Dot Jersey hooked me up with a demo and everything else fell into place.

We rode trails in both Tokul East and West. We got rowdy. Washington showed up, the parking lots were full. The Everygreen Mountain Bike Alliance is doing great work.

I can't thank everyone enough. So stoked.