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The New Santa Cruz Tallboy Looks Sick

The New Santa Cruz Tallboy Looks Sick

The 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy would be a back country weapon. “If ever there was a gravity riders’ XC bike, the Tallboy is it. The new 120mm Tallboy takes a leap further into what short-travel bikes really are capable of. With kick-ass lower-link VPP suspension, a streamlined design, the typical Santa Cruz refinement, and rather radical geometry, the Tallboy is back to being a genre-bending folk hero.”

2017 Santa Cruz 5010 CC Quick Review

I recently sold my 2016 Santa Cruz 5010 CC XO1 build with the idea of picking up a 2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy. I've ridden a few Evil 29ers recently and I really like how the bigger bikes pedal. So when the time came to pull the trigger on the new bike I freaked out. I spent a few late nights pouring over outdated threads on the 5010 and Tallboy. Everyone has their opinion on what is better but ultimately what it comes down to is what bike do you want to ride 90% of the time. So I bought another 5010. 

What I changed out before my first ride

  • I threw on my Fox Transfer seatpost because I am done with Rockshox's Reverb. So now I have a brand new 150mm Reverb Stealth B1 for sale, want to buy it?

  • Replaced the stem with a shorter Easton Haven.

  • Swapped the rear Ardent for a Minion DHR because...more grip, duh!

  • I threw on an older and beat up WTB Silverado Pro because saddles get thrashed and now I have a new one for down the road.

  • I always throw on a Spurcycle bell on my mountain bikes because I like to give hikers a heads up. Ding!

The 2017 model is spec'd way better

Upgrades from last years X01 build include carbon Sram cranks, Sram Eagle 1x and the Fox 34. Everything else is pretty much the same but I am stoked on the carbon cranks and Fox fork. Now only if they'd throw some wider rims on this damn bike! 

5010 is built to serve the most technical backcountry missions.

So..... How did the bike compare to last years?

It felt really fucking smooth. I love the Fox 34 and the bike is dead silent. Other than that it felt just like my old 5010, which it should. The geometry is the same unless I am mistaken. After the first ride back on the 5010 I realized I made the right decision. This bike is super playful. You've been hearing that phrase a lot right? I come from a BMX background so when I say playful it means this bike is awesome for throwing around. I like to send it, connect lines, whip the rear end and just get rowdy. The Santa Cruz 5010 is kinda like a big BMX and  I fucking dig that. 

and thats it folks

I am stoked. I've  squeezed in three solid rides on this rig and I am looking forward to all of the spring riding thats headed our way in the Pacific Northwest. Check back soon for some better photos and all of that jazz. 

The New Santa Cruz Chameleon

This looks like the bikepacking rig I've been looking for. 

“Dirt or asphalt, mountain or urban, geared or singlespeed—the moniker Chameleon has never rang more true than on this updated-for-2017 Santa Cruz classic. Upsized to either 29-inch or 27.5+ wheels, the Chameleon shifts from trail rally sled to bikepacker to winter slayer with simple, elegant aplomb. The wheel change is accomplished via interchangeable dropouts, and there’s a singlespeed version for each wheel size—geared dropouts are 148mm-spaced, and singlespeed are 142mm. “
— Santa Cruz Bicycles

Greg's Epic - A Tallboy Tale

I sold my Santa Cruz 5010 and now I can't decide if I should get another 5010 or a Tallboy. This video isn't making things any easier. Sigh.


South African mountain biking legend, Greg Minnaar, meets legendary South African mountain bike stage race, the Absa Cape Epic. Filmed live during the 2016 event, Greg's Epic is a tall tale of what the Tallboy can do in the hands of a deviant. Soundtrack provided by West African group, Songhoy Blues.

Garrison to Bear Mountain


I woke up this Saturday knowing I was going to ride up North. For some reason I woke up super motivated and decidedto hop on the train and climb Bear Mountain. Normally I'd make a century ride out of it but my IT band has been giving me some problems. If you haven't injured your IT band before; it's the worst. Basically every time you pedal your IT band sends a crippling sensation through your body that is so fucking painful. Basically the whole time your riding home you want to die.

No fun.

Anyways; I've never took my bike on Metro North. It was a very pleasant experience.

I paid five bucks and got my bike permit. Hella legit.

I look forward to doing this again next weekend!

Fuck 9W. (Just kidding. I love you 9w. But you're so damn boring. Upstate just has so much more to offer.)

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Until next time, Pedal Often!