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Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro: Portland Mountain Biking Mini Episode

Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro: Portland Mountain Biking Mini Episode

Sometimes you just have to get the bike out of the garage and go ride no matter what the conditions are like. Nine days to go to the very first Cascadia Dirt Cup of the season and desperate to get some miles on the MTB I took to some local wet trails to dial in my suspension and get the legs moving.

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[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQvG-55Uqtg[/embed] Long before I was a professional Motion Designer slaying the scene in NYC (and now PDX) I was a filmmaker. I made a film in Bangkok Thailand which was screened around the world in the Bicycle Film Festival. I even had the opportunity to work with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Anyways. It's been years since I've been remotely interested in getting back into film making. Technology is expensive and honestly I am really turned off on the whole my camera is better than your camera scene that comes along with it.

On my ride this morning I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with my little RX100. I am kinda stoked on how everything came out. With that said I am pretty interested in documenting my life in Portland and I might just start doing it on Youtube.