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Mt Tabor Series Finale

Bike racing on Mt Tabor has come to an end and now we're all left wondering what we should do on Wednesday nights. I've really fallen in love with the Mt Tabor Series and it's no surprise to me that it's been going on for 65 years. Maybe next year we can have a few more races? 

Fun fact. I slipped and fell after taking this shot but no one saw it. Moments later I got on my bike to pedal across the course, slipped a pedal with camera in hand and fell off my bike. Again, no one saw it. See, there is something magical about this race. 

Between talking with friends and drinking beers I did manage to shoot some photos. Enjoy, share, use them as you please. 

Cross is coming...

Portland Short Track Race 4


Race number 4 of the Portland Short Track is a wrap. It was hot hot hot. I mean seriously it was hot as hell out there. The organizers did another great job of designing the course this week. It was technical and loose. I took the hole shot in the U35 Cat 2 field which I held for no more than a quarter of a lap. Its the little things right. Below are some photos from the Elite men + Elite women's race. It's inspiring to watch these men and women race and I am looking forward to the next one.

Portland_Short_Track_4 (10 of 70)

Andrew Coe rode flawlessly in the last couple of laps leaving the rest of the field to try and chase him down.

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Josh Kelley putting in some work coming off an injury.

Portland_Short_Track_4 (9 of 70)

The Elite + Cat 1 women were killing it on this loose course laying down smooth lines and showing some true grit.

Portland_Short_Track_4 (14 of 70)

Andrew Coe securing first.

Portland_Short_Track_4 (36 of 70)

Portland Short Track is sponsored by : Hopworks Urban Brewery, Cyclepath PDX, Yakima, Bike Gallery, PDW, Lumberyard, Icebreaker, Shower Pass, Nossa Familia Coffee, Chris King , Dave's Killer Bread, Larabar, Bob's Red Mill and Blaqpaks.

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I think we can all agree that Ten Speed Hero makes some of the best kits in the cycling industry.

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I am sure Josh Kelley is not happy settling for third. Looking forward to seeing how this guy shreds in the next couple of races. Heal up man!

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Craig has been holding it down for Velo Cult leading group rides and providing a tent for everyone at the races.

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I am sorry but you can't have my peanut butter sandwich.

Portland_Short_Track_4 (6 of 70)


Portland_Short_Track_4 (64 of 70)

Oregon Bike Shop bringing it home in the Elite + Cat 1 women's race.

Portland_Short_Track_4 (68 of 70)

We're going to miss these two.

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Moments like these....

Portland_Short_Track_4 (70 of 70)

Until next time.

Portland Short Track Race 3

Race 3 of the Portland Short Track was amazing. Here is a quick photoset from the Men + Women Elite Fields. Share and enjoy.



I spent the weekend on the McKenzie River biking in the remote mountains in the Willamette National Forest. My legs are hardened with lactic acid, bruised from miles of single track and bloody from the unforgiving earth. I am on my way to the Portland International Raceway to race the Rapha Portland Trophy Cup. It’s my first race back since getting injured. My legs are dead but my spirits are high. [portfolio_slideshow id=4776 width=1300]

Cyclocross is kinda like going back to school after being on a vacation break. Everyone is grouped up and eyeing the new kids that roll up. One of the major differences though is how warm and inviting the cyclocross community is. I’ve always been an outsider and I imagine that will never change. But I’ve met a lot of cool people through cycling and it’s one of things that brings me back every week.

The B’s are called up and I am sitting in the second row. The race hasn’t even started yet and I am already being pushed around. At this moment I realize what my strategy will be. Ride a manageable pace, make no mistakes and try to see how many people I can pick off.

A whistle is blown and we’re off. I fade to the back of the pack. My breathing is good and I find my rhythm. The race strings out and I can see the lead pack far off in the distance. I am fighting for last place but I am ok with it. I am smiling and it shows in my riding. I am making solid line choices, my hands off the brakes, the barrier mounts and dismounts become fluid. I work my way into 17th place. I am smiling and honestly thats all that really matters.

It’s the last lap and I find myself on the the wheel of a 13 year old. He’s killing it. A rider off the back makes his way up and I witness him bully the younger rider. I wish I had the strength to chase him down. What a fucking asshole.

I cross the finish line with a smile on my face and It’s the first time I’ve consciously enjoyed a cyclocross race.

[two_first] PDX_Trophy_Cup_v1[/two_first][two_second]PDX_Trophy_Cup_v2 [/two_second]

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