ritchey logic

Syncline with Adam and Wilcox

Our Friday escape from Portland could not have been any better. Killer dirt, misty mountains, blazing sunshine, and hella smiles! 

Adam's new Ritchey Timberwolf is fire. 

Hella sends. 

I love this tree. 

The cattle was a trip. So beautiful. 

Taking in the view and sun before dropping in. 

Pass the Doubie

This winter has been lit! Like seriously, open the windows dude! 

Nothing beats a last minute trip to Black Rock.  

Winter light and temps dipping into the mid 40's. 

The scenery never gets old. Pass the doubie man! 


Eric was so stoked to cut this tree. 


Our warm up line. 

Lucas is on a mission and coming in hot. 

Jump everything. 


Just one more!