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It's Always Sunny in Hood River

Chances are if it's shitty in Portland the weather will be pretty amazing in Hood River. Portland gets almost 44 inches of rain a year while Hood River gets about 29 inches. From what I've found online they both get about the same amount of sunny days a year but I definitely call bullshit. Anyways the weather has been shit in Portland and driving out to Hood River has really been good for my soul and for my tan. 

I rode some new trails on this ride and it ended up being a really good loop. I started off climbing 7 Streams to Lower 8 Track. I then climbed upper 8 track and connected with the 140 to BMS connector after taking a few laps on the jump line at Extended Play. From there I went left and picked up 140 which is a multi-use trail. I could hear dirt bikes in the distance but it wasn't until later in the ride that I actually ran into some. 

I took some time to check out the infamous FMX and X Chorus X trails which are absolutely bonkers. Huge jumps that I'd mostly likely not send on a DH bike. Seriously big shit. 

My wife was waiting for me in town so I felt like it was a good time to head back. So I jumped back on 140 which was super flowy going down and connected with Blue Car Down Hill which was a blast! Blue Car is multi-use so definitely watch out for motorbikes. I ran into two at the bottom and I am glad I didn't run into them on the way down. I've never shared trails with motorbikes and I really don't know the rules around it. Drop a comment below if you have the goods. Lastly, I snuck in a Mitchell Ridge lap in and pedaled into downtown Hood River where I met up with my wife and had lunch at Kickstand Coffee. It really doesn't get any better. Haven't been to Kickstand Coffee yet? It fucking rules. 

Post Canyon Exploration

Post Canyon Exploration

"You've never been to Post Canyon?" is the reaction I am used to getting when people hear I've never made it to the iconic trail system in Hood River, Oregon. I've been fortunate to explore a lot of trails in Oregon and Southern Washington over the past couple years but for some reason, Post was never one of them.