COBRA Racing Series Finale By Miguel Lopez

COBRA Racing Series Finale By Miguel Lopez

The final stop of the COBRA Series was held at Gateway Green, Portland's only Mountain Bike Park. Racers lined up to battle one last time on a course filled with berms, single track, and an epic wall ride finish. 

2014 Broken Calendar

broken_calendar_2014_web I put together this 2014 Calendar to print out and send to friends but haven't got the chance yet. You can download the print ready version here if you want. I recommend going to Fed Ex and they will print out huge in black and white for just a few bucks. I'll shoot photos when I get mine printed.


A Dirty Hand

myhands I am a professional animator and designer specializing in broadcast graphics. I spend a lot of time sitting down behind a computer. When I am not working I do my best to stay away from my computer through cycling, weight training, drinking and all of the other stuff that comes with being a married semi-adult.

I like to work on my own bikes. Sure. I could afford to pay a mechanic but I grew up working on my own bikes. It's fun. It keeps me away from the computer.

I like this self portrait of my hand after doing a bottom bracket over haul. Yes the other one was just as dirty. I am old school. I don't wear mechanic gloves.

That is all.