Fall is Beautiful

I've had one day off work in the past 20 days. Making commercials isn't always easy. Though I have to come in this weekend scheduling is pretty lenient and I managed to sneak in a quick 50 miler out to River Road and back. .....It's fall in NYC and it's pretty fucking beautiful.


I don't think I am alone in saying this. Crossing the GWB is definitely one of the highlights of this ride. The views are generally epic.


My iphone could never capture how vibrant River Road is right now.


This old guy had legs.


The weather has been so oppressive lately there were a bunch of people out there this AM enjoying the weather. Large group rides are fucking annoying though.


My Affinity has been a great bike.


Play time is over. Quick shower + lunch in Brooklyn before heading back into Manhattan. Never not working. Creative slave.

- Broken

Bike NYC or Die : Helmets

Like most people. I grew up thinking helmets were uncool. When I raced BMX I had to wear a full face helmet and I hated it. My father still has the helmet; the scratches on that thing are crazy. Looking back I realize how many times that full face helmet saved my life. Thats not to say I haven't taken my fair share of spills without one. I was rebellious and took a number of bad crashes to my head. Unfortunately; I have the scars to prove it. 

*** Rare photo of myself riding BMX with a helmet


Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 4.39.48 PM

Well. I am all grown up now. 28 years old and living in New York. They say that New York City is the best city in the world. Fuck that. It's the most dangerous city in the world.

Every time you take your bike on the streets you are at war.

Forget that and die.

So check it :

- Helmets are cool again. Fact. - Helmets make you feel more safe, protected, so you can go harder; faster. No holding back. - I understand the feeling one gets when cycling without a helmet. The wind in your hair. Fuck. It's amazing. But remember it only takes one crash. Everything you took for granted can be stripped from you.

I wear mine and so should you!


*** The Giro Atmos retails for $180 and it's the tits.

Heres a short list of helmets to get your pointed in the right direction : Over 200 Giro Aeon because they make the sickest products. Retails for $250. Get it in flat black.

Catlike Whisper Plus will be my next helmet. I always trip out on how gorgeous it is when I see someone wearing one. Retails for $280 and most importantly comes in flat black.

The Specialzied S Works Prevail is probably one of my favorite helmets. Retails at $250 and comes in a bunch of wacky colors. You know what to do. Cop it in flat black!

Under 100 All the companies above manufacture helmets that retail for under 100 bucks.

BMX or "Urban" Buy Protec!. Don't fuck with the imitators aka Bern aka TSG aka all the other other poser brands. Don't settle for less. You can purchase a Protec for under $50.

What do I wear?

I am currently using a Giro Atmos on the road bike, a Protec Bucky Lasek on the BMX bike and an old Specialized Prevail that I use for commuting (+ back up for friends and wife).


I just want you to be safe, enjoy cycling and do the most. Remember. You're too beautiful to not be wearing a helmet.

Bike NYC or Die : Staying Alive

Bike NYC or Die is a series I've been wanting to put together documenting my thoughts as a cyclists in New York City. Here you will find my unadulterated opinions on commuting, road cycling, bicycle safety, etiquette, road rage and whatever else I can think of. So Lets do this! Part one. Here we go.

Staying Alive

I grew up riding BMX bikes. BMX has taken me across the world. BMX has given me a family. Most importantly; BMX has given me exceptional bike handling skills. Over the years I've learned how to get out of almost any situation. I've earned it, worked for it and I have the scars to prove it.

Yet when I first moved to New York three years ago I was really intimidated. Cycling in New York City is intimidating and thats a good thing because it's fucking dangerous. There are too many people out there on bikes that take cycling in this big city for granted. Be scared, be intimidated, be careful and stay alive.

So how do you stay alive cycling in New York City?

You can yield at lights and stop signs instead of blowing through them. You can take your fucking head phones out. You can stop for old people and for gods sake please yield to woman with children. Avoid doors, cabs, limos, douche bags in suits and models because you don't want to crash into a beautiful model.

But for real people. Ride safe. Explore. Most importantly; enjoy cycling NYC.

Thailand Part Eleven : Until Next Time


Well thats it! Our trip is a wrap. Three weeks of thrashing around Phuket, Bangkok, Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai. I climbed some epic mountains, ate amazing food, hung out with some old friends and spent some quality time with my extended family. Check out the narrated slideshow below and check back soon for some more in depth write ups on my trip on Broken and Coastal.

[portfolio_slideshow id=487]

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Follow the rest of my journey here on Broken and Coastal as I head to Chiang Mai to climb Doi Sutep. You can also find some rad stuff on my instagram @stayfed and my tumblr @pedaloften.

Thailand Part Five : Cycle Bueng Phra

Phitsanulok is a city often overlooked by travelers and the few that do come here tend to have a hard time. The secret of Phitsanulok is that you have to have some Thai friends here to show you around and help you discover the rad restaurants and night life. thai_pt5_05

The city is pretty flat but if you go a little further there are some beautiful mountains waiting for you!


I actually took a spill not much after setting out on this ride. Phitsanulok received some heavy rains the night before and I slid out on a roadside reflective strip. For a moment I almost turned back. I tweaked my shoulder pretty bad and I could already feel my hip swelling up.


How can you suffer with scenery like this.


The mountains in the distance.


Right from the start the climbing got pretty serious. 15% - 23% grades in combination of some brutal 90 degree weather.


Suffering in the most beautiful way possible.


One thing that was constantly in the back of my mind is how isolated I was. When riding alone in places like this you really have to take care of yourself and make sure you will have enough strength to make it home. It also means you have to be a little more reserved on your descents.


As I explored the peak of the mountain I discovered this lake in a little village near Bueng Phra.


I wasn't particularly looking forward to some of the descents since I knew I was going to be on the brakes the entire time. Bombing 23% grades by yourself in the middle of nowhere is beyond reckless.





This was the final corner of the final decent. Leading up to it I had been pulling the brakes all the way and was still going down over 10mph. Next time I am going to bring some disc brakes with me!


The ride back home was grueling. 90 + degree weather was relentless as I made my way through farm land with no shade in sight!

The next day I a pretty severe heat rash on my arm and legs. More about that some other time.

Follow the rest of my journey here on Broken and Coastal as I head to Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai. You can also find some rad stuff on my instagram @stayfed and my tumblr @pedaloften.