never not working

Fall is Beautiful

I've had one day off work in the past 20 days. Making commercials isn't always easy. Though I have to come in this weekend scheduling is pretty lenient and I managed to sneak in a quick 50 miler out to River Road and back. .....It's fall in NYC and it's pretty fucking beautiful.


I don't think I am alone in saying this. Crossing the GWB is definitely one of the highlights of this ride. The views are generally epic.


My iphone could never capture how vibrant River Road is right now.


This old guy had legs.


The weather has been so oppressive lately there were a bunch of people out there this AM enjoying the weather. Large group rides are fucking annoying though.


My Affinity has been a great bike.


Play time is over. Quick shower + lunch in Brooklyn before heading back into Manhattan. Never not working. Creative slave.

- Broken