2019 North American Enduro Cup

2019 North American Enduro Cup

On this episode of Ferns and Berms, I drive from Portland, Oregon to Kellog, Idaho for the 2019 North American Enduro Cup. This was my first time riding bikes in Idaho and it did not disappoint. The race featured over 11,000 ft of descending which was absolutely brutal!

Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground

Multi-use trails are just that, multi-use. Watch how Renee, a mountain biker, and Val, a wheeler, learn how each other use the trails in our public lands and how we all need to protect them. Fat Tire is donating up to $250,000 to organizations protecting our public lands. Visit and share the full video to direct donations from Fat Tire to Trust for Public Lands and Tread Lightly.

Specialized Presents Motive Film Series

Specialized Presents Motive Film Series

Specialized's highly anticipated film Motive is now available on Itunes. If it's as good as these promos will all be in for a treat! 

Motive, is the collaboration of the filming talents of Mind Spark Cinema and the powerhouse filming and riding talents of the Coastal Crew (Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton). Motive, shot across North America, will be a film oozing with effortless style and progression of Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Finn Iles, Garret Mechem, Matt Miles and Matt Hunter. 

Brandon Semenuk Drops Another One!

Brandon Semenuk and Revel Co drop another fucking hammer. Jesus! Brandon proves yet again that he is more relevant than ever! 

Directed by: Revel Co
DP/Editor: Rupert Walker
Producer: Brandon Semenuk
Photographer: Ian Collins
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
VFX: Dan Gaud
Course Build: Dan Fleury, Evan Intern, Will Clifford
Special thanks to Jhon Bonham

Last Time I Was In Oakridge...

The last time I went to Oakridge was for Bridget's Birthday. Bridget is a badass and she had a hell of a weekend planned for us. 

We camped at Black Canyon Campground and I am always the first person to get up. #coffeeoutside

Forests truck got nominated to carry a bunch of bikes. 

Day 1 we did the climb up to ATCA. 6000+ feet of climbing? Correct me if I am wrong. 

As we were climbing up Jedi I heard a familiar voice in the distance. My buddy Paul started 30-45 minutes behind us and caught us on the last climb. What a beast. It was rad to take some turns with the Lacava. 

The ATCA was full of Poison Oak so I took a pit stop at a small waterfall and scrubbed my self with ancient moss. 


The night ended with these two weirdos drinking beers out of their shoes. Never trust a kayaker in a skinsuit. Never.