mt hood bike tour

Portland to Mt Hood Bikepacking Adventure: Timothy Lake to Muddy Fork

Waking up to an empty lake and crystal clear views of Mt Hood. Does it get any better?  

We took our time packing camp and made coffee over a morning fire. 

From Timothy Lake we connected with Jackpot Meadows which is this lush untouched single track that took us by surprise. We knew we were close to the PCT but it turns out this trail is legal for bikes! Will definitely be planning a trip around this trail in the future. 

We eventually made it up to Government Camp where we filled our bellies with beer and burgers. After stocking up for the night we took the Crosstown Trail to Pioneer Bridal. Cross bikes fully loaded on a 12+ mile MTB descent? Why not. 

For whatever reason Alex didn't feel like wearing a helmet. I warned him. So after Alex crashed and hit his head on a rock we almost had to call the trip. Alex is a nurse and should have known better. We all have to learn some how! 

We camped off the Sandy River in probably one of the spookiest campsites ever. I was so scared! 

Want to do a similar trip and want more details? Feel free to give us an e-mail and we'd be happy to answer ay questions or help you plan your trip.