motion graphics

Rooftop Ident Previz

Sometimes I make things I am proud of. The Rooftop Ident is a follow up on my City Ident that was featured in IDN Magazine. Today I managed to find some time to kick out some renders and hopefully get this project rolling! I am hoping to move into animation in the next month or two! roof_ident_part1-(00000)






2014 Broken Calendar

broken_calendar_2014_web I put together this 2014 Calendar to print out and send to friends but haven't got the chance yet. You can download the print ready version here if you want. I recommend going to Fed Ex and they will print out huge in black and white for just a few bucks. I'll shoot photos when I get mine printed.


The Mill MTV VMA 2013


The Mill brought me in to be apart of the small team responsible for this years MTV VMA package. It was one hell of a ride and my last gig before my vacation in Thailand and California. Stoked to be apart of it. You can check out the  highlight reel that The Mill put together  here.   

"The Mill+ team designed, directed and executed original concept for the MTV 2013 Video Music Awards' graphics and title package, presented live from Barclays Center, Brooklyn. Led by Christopher Palazzo, Mario Stipinovich, and Bryce Wymer, the New York-based team had the unique chance to control every aspect of the show's visual identity including logo development, live action content, design, and animation. The concept was drawn off the KAWS moon man and its environmental reflections - illuminating a side of Brooklyn that's both beautiful and toxic simultaneously. Imagine if the Moonman stood up and took a stroll through Brooklyn. It would reflect a warped and stretched view of everything around it, giving us a beautiful, trippy, melted look at Brooklyn and its many unique people. Footage was captured in both a run-and-gun style to illustrate Brooklyn's people and happenings. More planned shoots were captured using a Red EPIC, including 180 degree skylines, time lapse streets and more. Those moments were paired with a clean, modern, energetic typographic system and some field-captured sound design. The result was an unexpected homage to the early, experimental days of MTV which still felt fresh; rooted in the here and now. Chris Palazzo, Creative Director said "It was an incredible chance to create every detail of something so highly visible and such a huge part of pop culture. Having the creative reigns taken off is a rare opportunity that only a client like MTV can provide. We can't wait to see which artists love how we've redesigned their names and which ones are left puzzled.""

" Design & Animation Studio: Mill+ Director: Christopher Palazzo Head of Content: Ian Bearce Producer: Nic Barnes, Tia Perkins Director of Photography: Adam Carboni Assistant Camera: Nick Wiesner Production Assistant: Tony Caamano Casting Agency: Paladino Casting Editorial Editor: Nate Buchik, Charlotte Carr Post-Production / VFX Post-Production / VFX Company: The MIll VFX Producer: Lily Tilton Creative Director: Mario Stipinovich, Bryce Wymer, Chris Palazzo 2D Artists: Smoke: Jamin Clutcher 3D Artists: CG: Yong Chan Kim Design Head of Design: Danielle Amaral Creative Director: Mario Stipinovich, Bryce Wymer, Chris Palazzo Art Director: Gera Frascaroli, Goran Krstic Animator: Gap Sangpattharamatee, Marco Giampaolo, Chris San Agustin, John Haley Sound Design: Henryboy "