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2019 North American Enduro Cup

2019 North American Enduro Cup

On this episode of Ferns and Berms, I drive from Portland, Oregon to Kellog, Idaho for the 2019 North American Enduro Cup. This was my first time riding bikes in Idaho and it did not disappoint. The race featured over 11,000 ft of descending which was absolutely brutal!

Cascadia Dirt Cup Post Canyon Course Recon

Cascadia Dirt Cup Post Canyon Course Recon

On this episode of Ferns and Berms, I join some friends and do some course recon over at Post Canyon for the upcoming enduro race.

The Tiger Mountain Cascadia Dirt Cup

The Tiger Mountain Cascadia Dirt Cup

So I did it! I raced my first Enduro and it was ####ing rad!

For those of you just joining my name is Christopher San Agustin and I am the founder of Broken & Coastal, an independent cycling magazine and design studio based in Portland, Oregon.

I am filming a video series documenting my experience as a first-time racer competing in the 2019 Cascadia Dirt Cup.

Baja Divide

Nearly 100 bikepackers departed San Diego on January 2nd and headed south into Baja California. Gabe and Nick regale stories and share photos from their adventure at Velo Cult.

The Baja Divide is a rugged 1,700 mile off-pavement bikepacking route down the length of the Baja California peninsula, from San Diego, CA, USA to San José del Cabo, BCS, MX, researched and developed by Nicholas Carman and Lael Wilcox in the winter and spring of 2015-16.

This route connects the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, historic Spanish mission sites rich with shade and water, remote ranchos and fishing villages, bustling highway towns, and every major mountain range in Baja California on miles and miles of beautiful backcountry desert tracks. The Baja Divide is a free route resource for anyone to ride at any time, self-supported, and is best enjoyed from November to March, when most off-pavement routes in USA, Canada and Europe are closed for the season.

Life on the Baja Divide is defined by a rhythm of riding, camping, and resupply. Baja California is a mountainous desert and resources are limited, although the route is designed to encounter resupply frequently enough to make a self-supported tour possible. Riders may need to carry up to 2-3 days of food and 10 liters of water. A warm, dry climate minimizes equipment needs. Pack light, and leave room for food and water.
— Baja Divide

For more info on the Baja Divide click here.

Thanks to Velo Cult for hosting and Knight Composites for all the free tacos!

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