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Tales on Tyres: 10 Things We Learned In Peru

Head over to Tales on Tyres where Franzi and Jona discuss the 10 Things We Learned In Peru. So stoked to have these two in our next issue of Broken & Coastal! If your not following them on Instagram do it now! 

10. Take your time | So many places in Peru are rich in tradition and it’s worth spending some days in little towns to observe the colorful every day life, to meet people and to learn about the history of this divers country. Also make sure to spent enough time in the the ‘Panaderias’ in Peru, they offer some great tasting treats for the chronically hungry stomach of a traveling cyclist.
— Tales on Tyres

Butano State Park via Highway 1


I've quickly fallen in love with Butano State Park in Pescadero California. So over a night of beer and bbq I persuaded my buddy Mike to bike camp there over the Memorial Weekend. Butano_V2-4

Butano State Park is 30 miles from Santa Cruz with the option of an additional 10 miles to load up on food and beer for the night.


I was definitely stoked in this picture but the entire day we battled fearsome headwinds and crosswinds. We made the mistake of leaving late in the day and if we were to do it again we'd definitely leave first thing in the morning to beat the wind.


Highway One is 655 miles long and some of the most beautiful sections of it can be found in Santa Cruz County. I tend to just hammer when I am touring so it was nice to take it easy and just enjoy the Coast.


Mike did this trip on a borrowed bike and outfitted it with a rad hobo set up. I was pretty impressed on how little and efficient his camping set up was. Mike's spent some serious time camping out here and was stoked to pick up some tips and tricks.


Don't let these beautiful roads fool you. Every year cyclists are either killed or severely injured on this route. Blackburn Ranger Eiry Bartlett was just struck on Highway One on her journey from (correct me if I am wrong) Portland to Mexico. Sending healing vibes your way Eiry!


After a quick stop at Highway One Brewery we headed down Gazos Creek Rd. Gazos Creek Rd runs into Cloverdale Rd which takes you to the entrance of Butano State Park.

Butano doesn't have a hiker / biker site but does have a good amount of walk in sites that never seem to be filled up. Bike camping costs $6 per person and wood is $10 per bag. Butano is now one of the few campsites in California allowing camp fires.

After setting up camp we pedaled to town to pick up supplies. The town of Pescadero is five miles from the campsite and has three stores where you can pick up food and beer.


Butano is a crumb clean campground meaning campers are required to be vigilant when it comes to managing your food. The reason for this is because there is an endangered bird called the Marbled Murrelet that makes these Redwoods their breeding grounds. The crumbs you leave behind attract and feed the animals that prey on the endangered Marbled Murrelet.


Mike rocked the hammock tent super low.


I forgot to bring coffee so we booked it out of camp as soon as we could. Today the coastal winds were to are backs and we double timed it back down the One and into Santa Cruz.