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MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park GP

MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park GP

My race at Woodland Park started out by blocking a punch of a crazy lady to my wife on the walk to the park from the car. That's an odd and longer story but after chasing this unexpected nutcase off I was now awake, alert and ready to make some two wheeled slides around the slick course of the day. MFG's final race in the series is and always will be one of my favorites.

The 2016 Portland N.O.I.S.E Ride

North Portland holding it down in the yearly event that is the 2016 N.O.I.S.E Ride. Rules are meant to be broken and the only existing one is comrades who partake have to be upon a single speed rig. This event was put on for folks that couldn't make it to SSWC years and years ago. So the urban adventure rally churns through the streets like you are kid on your Hutch Pro Star BMX or a 30 year old looking for the best curb islands to launch after drinking fifteen beers. 

JLO the winner of the 2015 event organized quite the feats of strength for this years event. No bones were broken this year but many bags of Cinnamon Bun Oreos and Olympia beer were crushed. Bike-Buzkashi was had at the first stop with the black dice team taking the win after the bike polo folks decided that their smash abilities were working. Many other events occurred throughout stops in our fair haven of NOPO, and you will just have to come out for the 2017 event to experience the majesty of launching your hefty soul across the single track of the Willamette.

Last but not least. The Seattle crew came South and set up the mini battle drome at Peninsula Park where the battle of the belt took place for the 2016 winner. If anyone knows how to throw a party its when Portland and Seattle get together aboard a wooden track of shred.

Written By: Scott Wanhala
Photographed By: Christopher San Agustin

686 Men's Cadence Jackets

Cadence Collection teamed up with 686 to collaborate on the 686 MEN'S CADENCE KENTON 3L RAIN JACKET and the 686 MEN'S CADENCE ERICSON INSULATOR JACKET. Combined these jackets can handle any type of weather.

"Life on the bike. From the realities of commuting to and from work to the euphoria of a bike packing escape. Each step empowered by ones own physical ability. We are only limited by what we push ourselves to try. Fail or succeed it is the journey that is the ultimate destination. Propelled further forward with the Cadence x 686 Insulator and 3L rain jacket. Built for lifestyle cycling." - Cadence Collection

The above promotional video features yours truly and was filmed here in Portland, Oregon. Dustin Klein was on set making sure everything got done while film maker Riley Gibson did an amazing job at making me look good. I really don't like being in front of the camera but it's pretty easy when your working with such a rad crew. Enjoy the video and drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

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Portland Short Track Race 8

All good things must come to an end. The 2016 Portland Short Track Series is over and our Mondays will never be the same. To be honest. I am pretty bummed. Can't we race mountain bikes every Monday? All year long? I have no idea what it takes to put on one of the events but I bet it's hard work. Damn hard work. So here is a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved for making this event so awesome.

So let me take one last moment to be selfish here and say I've been wanting to send it over something all series long. Kris Schamp must have been listening because the course had the perfect table that just begged to be roasted. Huge thank you to Yung Pine for capturing my little time in the air and make sure to check his coverage of the series here :

Well I guess thats it. You can check out the series standings here and make sure to check out Victor's coverage of STXC on his flickr.

P.S. I am hoping to see more of you roast the jumps next year!


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Volume 01


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Volume 01. 48 pages. Uncoated. Full color. 6x9. Proudly designed and printed in the USA.

Featuring Andrio Abero, Brad Adams, Brandon Harrison, Brian Barnhart, Chris Riesner, Christopher San Agustin, Dklein, Donalrey Nieva, Grady Corbitt, Jake Szymanski, Kyle Emery Peck, Sid Enck Jr and Stephan Hawk.

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