Portland to Mt Hood Bikepacking Adventure: Timothy Lake to Muddy Fork

Waking up to an empty lake and crystal clear views of Mt Hood. Does it get any better?  

We took our time packing camp and made coffee over a morning fire. 

From Timothy Lake we connected with Jackpot Meadows which is this lush untouched single track that took us by surprise. We knew we were close to the PCT but it turns out this trail is legal for bikes! Will definitely be planning a trip around this trail in the future. 

We eventually made it up to Government Camp where we filled our bellies with beer and burgers. After stocking up for the night we took the Crosstown Trail to Pioneer Bridal. Cross bikes fully loaded on a 12+ mile MTB descent? Why not. 

For whatever reason Alex didn't feel like wearing a helmet. I warned him. So after Alex crashed and hit his head on a rock we almost had to call the trip. Alex is a nurse and should have known better. We all have to learn some how! 

We camped off the Sandy River in probably one of the spookiest campsites ever. I was so scared! 

Want to do a similar trip and want more details? Feel free to give us an e-mail and we'd be happy to answer ay questions or help you plan your trip.  

Portland to Mt Hood Bikepacking Adventure : Portland to Ripplebrook Campground

Last summer Alex and I embarked on a bike camping trip around Mt Hood. Our goal was to ride from Portland and spend some nights at various rivers and lakes. We both had some time off so our schedule was pretty loose. 

MT_Hood_Part1 (1 of 26).jpg

Our rigs were full loaded yet nimble enough to get shredy.

The majority of the day was spent pedaling through country roads and avoiding angry Oregonians. 

We stayed the night at Ripplebrook Campground which is just off the Clackamas River. We had the place all to ourselves because we happened to be touring on the day campgrounds closed in Oregon! 

Firewood was salvaged and dinner was served.

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Tales on Tyres and The Unremarkable

Head over to Tales on Tyres for a great write up on escaping tourist traps and finding beauty in the trail less ridden. 

Touristy places are touristy for a reason. They are special, they are beautiful and probably many other things beside that. They are featured in several Top-10 lists and probably highlighted in every travel guide you can come across. Additional the chances that you will hear many tales from travelers, who have already done it or been there, before you even close is pretty high. But due to their fame, those sights often come with long and annoying queues, tacky souvenir shops, selfie stick fumbling fanatics and you probably end up featuring in more holiday photos than your are really comfortable with.
— Tales on Tyres

Tales on Tyres: 10 Things We Learned In Peru

Head over to Tales on Tyres where Franzi and Jona discuss the 10 Things We Learned In Peru. So stoked to have these two in our next issue of Broken & Coastal! If your not following them on Instagram do it now! 

10. Take your time | So many places in Peru are rich in tradition and it’s worth spending some days in little towns to observe the colorful every day life, to meet people and to learn about the history of this divers country. Also make sure to spent enough time in the the ‘Panaderias’ in Peru, they offer some great tasting treats for the chronically hungry stomach of a traveling cyclist.
— Tales on Tyres