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River Road : One Last Time


IMG_6711 I am moving out of New York on the 31st so on Memorial Day I set out to take a one last spin through River Road in New Jersey.


The best time to cross the Brooklyn Bridge is before 8 am. I asked a tourist to take this photo of me.


New York in the early morning is beautiful.


Notice how empty it is.



This bridge will be packed with tourists later.


And this.


River Road is hard to describe. It takes an hour from Brooklyn to get there. Battling tourists, taxis and sometimes other cyclists. When you get there. It's all worth it!


Hard to believe that Manhattan is just on the other side of the river.


Today the roads were quiet.


Patches of sun poked through the limbs of trees.


This is everyones favorite climb on River Road. Mine included.


Tire POV.


Bottle POV.


Not tan enough.


Coasting is fun don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Early bird gets the worm. These suckers are just heading into Jersey.


Tailwind. Yes please.


Last time over this bridge. Looking forward to new roads.


Rockland Exploration x Bear Mountain Elevation


Yesterday I set out to explore Nyack and Rockland. One discovery after the other ended up putting me in a position of either having to ride another 50 miles home or another 20 to the Metro North. The photo set blow takes you through my 70 mile journey from Brooklyn to Garrison New York. Here are a few quick highlights :

- No arm warmers, knee warmers and vests were used! - Climbing over 5370 ft - Still baffled that dudes can buy 7000 Red equipped bikes and can't make a corner without clipping out - Discovering some incredibly challenging climbs just out of Nyack. - Discovering the Hook Mountain Bike Path

More below!

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Tougher Than You : Part 1


In the Northern Hemisphere our Winter begins December 21st and ends on March 19th. Growing up in Richmond California meant Winters for me were no worse than a warm fall day here on the East Coast. This has been my fourth Winter in NYC and this has been by far the worst. I am not alone in this statement. This years Winter has been relentless and we're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring. I made a goal for myself this year to ride as much as I could during these three months. I knew it would be tough but with the right gear it was totally possible.

The following series Tougher Than You will take you through my journey of suffering throughout New Yorks harshest Winter.

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Bike River Road Ice Fest

Bike-River-Road-Ice-Fest--3944 It was pretty sketchy getting to the GWB but I managed to make it in one piece.


River Road was unridable after the first climb so I made the best of it and took Henry Hudson Drive which is off limits to bicycles. Not today!


Damn I need some cooler looking sunglasses!


My Search and State has taken a beating this winter. Best damn jacket I've ever owned.


This Affinity 212 shreds.


I am looking forward to never having to wear these again ....... because I am moving back to the West Coast!


Who needs regular fenders when you can have Snow Fenders!


Well I made it home. Thank god for that. But god damn that black ice can be scary. Stay safe everyone.