Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Semenuk Raw 100, Version 5

Brandon Semenuk Raw 100, Version 5

Semenuk and Rupert Walker are now officially five years deep into our Raw 100 series. For their latest chapter, they took their efforts to Utah. Though the landscape in this Raw 100 may be reminiscent of Red Bull Rampage, their inventive and manicured lines transformed the iconic freeride area into a brilliant slopestyle playground. For the uninitiated, Raw 100 videos feature one hundred seconds of all-thriller, no filler action: no slow-mo, no soundtrack. It’s a showcase for the best riders and filmmakers in the world.

Brandon Semenuk Drops Another One!

Brandon Semenuk and Revel Co drop another fucking hammer. Jesus! Brandon proves yet again that he is more relevant than ever! 

Directed by: Revel Co
DP/Editor: Rupert Walker
Producer: Brandon Semenuk
Photographer: Ian Collins
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
VFX: Dan Gaud
Course Build: Dan Fleury, Evan Intern, Will Clifford
Special thanks to Jhon Bonham

Troy Lee Designs Presents: Brandon Semenuk - 'Contra'

Coming into mountain biking as a BMXer and as a designer, I've always felt out of place. Standing in the line at Whistler or driving up to Squamish in my small sedan I've just always felt like the black sheep. But you have athletes like Brandon Semenuk and filmmakers like Rupert Walker that are redefining Mountain Bike culture. It gives me hope and it gives me a corner in this subculture that I feel more comfortable in. 

Semenuk Slopestyle Attack

Holy shit! 

Rupert Walker and Brandon Semenuk teamed up with Red Bull for yet another banger from Revel Co. 

Hey Brandon, what does it feel like to be able to ride a bike like this? 

Killer photos brought to you by Ian Collins. 

SRAM presents: Brandon Semenuk - Simplicity

Brandon Semenuk's latest edit for SRAM is straight fire. How can you watch this and not want to be able to ride like this guy? Whip to tuck no hander? 360 invert to can can? Get out of here Brandon! 

"There’s a special greatness in simplicity. And greatness is sometimes best measured in what you don’t see. When there’s something left for your imagination. When you can’t taste every ingredient. When you don’t see the hours of thought, and practice, and trial, and error. When you can do more, but less is more powerful. When you express yourself purely, simply. There’s greatness in simplicity, but it isn’t simple."

Presented by SRAM

Filmed by Revel Co.

Photos by Ian Collins, Dan Frew and Rupert Walker.