Syncline For the Very First Time

It wasn't long ago that I was being shuttled off to Washington to ride some of my first trails in the Pacific Northwest. I love that feeling of not knowing what your getting into. Staring out the window you dream about what the trail will be like, will you be able to hang with the group, are you getting in over your head, and did I bring the right gear with me. I love that feeling. I wonder what was going through Craig's head as we drove down the 84 towards Hood River. Craig secured a demo for the day and this would his second time riding some real trails. It's early. He's probably still thinking of a warm bed or a hot cup of coffee.


This was Craig's first time down Little Moab.


This is Craig's second time down Little Moab.

The best part about Little Moab is that you can choose your own adventure.


I didn't mean to take Craig down this trail but he rode it like a champ.


The upper line to the left is the rowdiest but I unclipped and ended up in the B line.


Don't eat the fungi.


Little Moab is like a skatepark for bikes. I am pretty sure Craig is having the time of his life. his cut off Rapha jacket is punk as fuck.


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