Sprinklers Save Lives

Yesterday was another scorcher at the Portland International Raceway but Short Track kept the good times rolling. Seven races in the books with just one more to go. Monday's will never be the same again!

Bandit MTB racing at Gateway Green? What? Say what? Someone should do it! 

Hot weather racing routine includes:

1. Stop at Bodega on Vancouver and Lombard. 
2. Buy bag of ice.
3. Buy coconut Paletas! Eat quickly because they melt fast! 
4. Enjoy cold ice at Short Track. 
5. Drink a beer before race because racing is serious and beer makes you faster. 

Short Track Observations

1. There was a sprinkler set up on the back side of the course and it definitely saved some lives.
2. Short Track is super family friendly. 

Just one race left! Head over to Portland Racing for more info