Search and State S1-A Review


My relationship with Search and State goes back to the day I finally gave in and decided I was going to start wearing Lycra. In search of a jersey that I wouldn't be too embarrassed to wear I headed to over to NYC Velo in Manhattan. It just so happens that NYC Velo is one of Search and States stockists and they had a stack of black S1As in the shop. That day I rode away with my first every cycling jersey. I was secretly stoked.[portfolio_slideshow id=2238 width=1200px]

Search and State is based out of New York City and all of their garments are hand made in the Garment District. In an industry dominated by brands whom make their goods over seas SAS is really setting the bar for USA made cycling clothing.

Here is why :

- The S1A comes in four colors: black, grey, green and white. - Hand made in the Garment District in New York City. Who does that anymore? Search and State does! - Two-Toned quick dry microbial fabric milled in the USA. Pretty badass. - The S1As have two visible patches. One on the arm and the other on the read pocket. Minimal branding at it's best. - And here is the best part. The S1A sells for $135. You really can't beat that.

Fast forward to the present and I've worn my SAS S1A green jersey to the ground. I've worn it all over New York, California, Portland and Thailand. Through the Polar Vortex in NYC to tropical storms in Thailand. The S1A is my go to jersey.

What I like :

- I like that it's made in the USA. - The fabric is super comfortable. Perfect for Spring, Fall, Winter and warm Summers. - Minimally branded. Don't get me wrong. Half the days I ride I am kitted out in something by Cadence or Endo but it's nice to have a jersey that is stealthy like the S1A. - Best zipper in the game! The zipper is often over looked in jerseys and I really appreciate the Locking Riri® zipper. - I really like the company and what it stands for. - Can't beat the price.

What I don't like :

- I am in between sizes. I went from a size Large to a Medium and now I am a month or two away from a size Small. Fuck it. At least it's not the other way around! - The fabric can be a tad heavy for those really sticky summers. I've found myself grabbing my summer weight stuff from Cadence lately because it's been unbearably hot here in the Pacific Northwest. Though I believe SASs new offering the S2R solves this problem.


"Search and State was founded to celebrate a different approach to cycling. We believe that cycling apparel has the ability to transcend function. What you wear for the ride should motivate, inspire and do everything it can to keep you moving forward. As a company, we are committed to American manufacturing and all SAS originals are handmade in small runs in the USA. Search and State garments are best in class and built for durability, style and comfort."

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"Nothing in your kit gets abused like a jersey: soaked, sunbaked, stained and washed again and again in a season. The S1-A excels in every area you need a jersey to, without any distracting gimmicks. It is constructed from a lightweight, breathable, quick-drying fabric. You will find the tailored fit comfortable, the full front Riri® zipper reliable, and the classic three-pocket configuration sturdy with a reinforced elastic." - Search and State

  • Two-Toned quick dry microbial fabric milled in the USA
  • Locking Riri® zipper
  • Tailored fit
  • Waist gripper elastic
  • Reinforced rear-pocket elastic
  • Handmade in the USA

Rad right? Swoop one up here.