Search and State S2-V CAMO RIDING VEST

The new Search and State S2-V Camo Riding Vest looks amazing! 

Search and State S2-V CAMO RIDING VEST

The all new S2-V Camo Riding Vest is one of our most versatile garments to date.  It is engineered to be there for you when the elements demand more than just a jersey. The camo upper is cut from a water-repellent synthetic and the lower body is cut from an all new lightweight proprietary textured fabric also providing water resistance but offering more breathability to adapt to changing conditions. Fully waterproof and windproof front and rear zips also help defend against inclement conditions. New for 2018 we added an exterior rear locker-loop detail and also revised the fit from our original S1V-Riding Vest. The S2 is slightly longer in the front and rear and we eased the chest and sweep to allow for more layering options and a little more breathing room for those who need it. The extra space also allows you to stow more cargo in your pockets underneath. The S2-V is an eye-catching garment with supreme functionality, performance, and packability. As always, all are made meticulously with pride in small runs in New York City.  


Water repellent camo upper and water-resistant breathable lower provide the perfect fabric blend to keep you comfortable no matter where your ride.


American manufacturing is alive and well in New York City – and it has been for about two hundred years. That heritage and expertise is part of everything we make.


The S2-V features the most advanced, lightweight, waterproof zipper manufactured by Riri. It is an injection-molded polymer designed for advanced military applications. Trust us: It can handle anything you can throw at it.


The S1-V is built with a minimalist design approach, exceptional fit, and advanced components to withstand abuse without feeling like it. We believe every piece should feel like a luxury but be built to last.

Search and State S2-V CAMO RIDING VEST
Search and State S2-V CAMO RIDING VEST