Search and State : S1-S Riding Short Review


Search and State is a boutique cycling brand that manufactures extremely high quality USA made cycling goods. I first came across the brand via Prolly is not Probably and NYC Velo. After trying on a jersey at NYC Velo I was hooked. I've been using the Search and State's S1-S Bibs since they first came out. I've ridden them in almost every condition I could imagine. I've taken them on century rides, fast paces loops in the park and even climbing mountains in Thailand. These bibs have taken some abuse and I think it's the perfect time to share my feelings on them.

What I like :

1. Search and State sources the highest quality USA made fabrics for their products. 2. Handmade in New York City 3. Despite sourcing custom USA materials and being made in NYC; the bibs are still priced reasonably. 4. Minimal branding makes it perfect for pairing up with any jersey. 5. The custom fabric is divine and works great in temperatures ranging from cool to super hot and humid.

What I don't like :

1. I would like for the chamois to extend a little further forward so that it covers the front of my package. Maybe it's just me, but right now when I wear the bibs my package is just kinda hanging out for all to see. Not a big deal but can be a little annoying if you have to walk around in public a lot.


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[divider type="dashed"][pullquote align="left"]"More than any other garment in a cyclist’s closet, bib shorts have the greatest impact on ride experience. - Search and State[/pullquote]

Quality craftsmanship and skilled garment construction are essential to ensure comfort in the saddle. Because of this, we sew every single pair of S1-S Riding Shorts in the Garment District of Manhattan, taking great care to place our custom Cytech chamois to exact specifications. - Search and State. The S1-S Riding Shorts are the perfect balance of performance and luxury, in our signature understated style. The body fabric is a medium-weight, medium-compression nylon-blend with a soft hand feel that will withstand the rigors of everyday racing and riding. The S1-S fabric is custom-made in the U.S. and is dyed to match our black S1-A Riding Jersey. The S1-S Riding Shorts feature a classic paneled construction with wide 30mm elastic silicone leg-grippers set in a clean-finish hem. Our straps are fitted, but not tight, and are designed to lock our Cytech chamois pad in place when you ride. The S1-S Riding Shorts will always feel best when in the riding position – as they should. We believe that durability, style, and comfort are paramount."

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Retailing for $210 these aren't the cheapest Bibs on the market. But if you're looking for high quality USA made products that are minimally branded it doesn't get better than Search and State. Thats a fact.

If you're in the New York City area you can check out all of Search and State's goods at NYC Velo. Otherwise head on over to Search and State's website and take a gander.