Santa Cruz Bicycles Trans-Cascadia 2018 Wrap Up

The Santa Cruz Syndicate team was up in the PNW this year for the 2018 Trans-Cascadia. Santa Cruz photographer Mike Thomas was on the scene to document the race and you can catch the full write up over at Santa Cruz now!

“Trans-Cascadia started as a race run by the Modus Sport Group back in 2015. It’s a blind-format style backcountry race in far-out locations of the Pacific Northwest, and this year was the 'deepest they've ever gone.' Their focus since day one has been building and improving trails that have been lost over time, as well as opening miles and miles of new trail. They keep it raw, they focus on preserving the backcountry vibe of the sport, and the best part is anyone can have fun no matter the caliber of rider.”