De Ronde PDX


[sliderpro id="12"] Written by Matthew Barney Photographed by Christopher San Agustin

Well, the 9th year of the De Ronde is in the books and it was a really impressive showing for us! TEAM VELO CULT! I apologize for not recalling all who where in attendance, but I believe we had close to 10 folks in all. Maybe a dozen?

ANYWHO! For me, always a highlight is seeing the mass of cyclists head down HWY 30, both lanes tightly packed just about as far as the eye can see before the left turn onto Saltzman. And, once we all hit Saltzman it's up, up, up up filled with spirit and camaraderie that I feel can only be had in PDX. Another highlight, amongst the suffering is seeing all the AMAZING homes tucked away in the hills. WHO LIVES IN THESE HOMES?! Seriously, each home looks like it's straight out of Home and garden or Dwell or Sunset Magazine. What about College Rd. OY!!!! Let's just say there is no shame in walking and leave it at that. Perhaps one of the funner highlights is the whiskey, beer and nacho rest stop. You know the booze is NOT a smart choice, but I'll be damned if ya take it anyway! OK, Ok...let's be real, it does quell the hurt for a bit. Finally and last but not least, is the feeling of accomplishment! There is no grand finish, no awards ceremony, no medal, no certificate for you refrigerator, no finishers t-shirt or podium to be stood on. Just the over whelming sensation of "thank goodness we are DONE" (insert your own four lettered colorful language) mixed in with high fives and hand shakes!

Make this ride a priority next year. Chase those lions, it's a must do and one that you won't tuck away under the "it was OK" file. See ya on the road and happy pedaling!