Rapha Waterproof Overmitts First Impression


[portfolio_slideshow id=1205] My goal this winter is to continue to ride regardless of low temps, rain and snow. This is only possible with the right gear. Cold hands are always a problem for me during both short and long rides. A few days ago when riding through a snow storm I realized that I really needed to step up my glove system. I currently use a pair of Giro Proofs which are pretty good down to the low 30's but utterly useless when it snows and rains. So yesterday I decided to pick up the Rapha Waterproof Overmitts and this is my first impression.

- I wear a size Medium glove in most cases and decided to go with a large. The fit is pretty good with a bit of room if I decided to get a thicker winter glove. - The temps dropped down to 19 degrees this morning and my hands felt pretty damn good. - It's a little tricky getting the Overmitts on. Once one Overmitt is on it's even harder to get the second one on because all you have is a lobster claw. I also found it hard to get the cuff over my jacket.

- Shifting is more tricky with the lobster claw design but thats a given. - You can't instagram with these gloves unless you want to pull over. Trust me I tried. - My hands were pretty damn happy this morning.

I am pretty happy so far. I have a feeling that this glove system is going to work out and I look forward to trying them out in the snow!

Info from Rapha's website :

"Overmitts for extremely wet and cold conditions

Overmitts for additional waterproofing and insulation in extreme conditions, or for riders who suffer from cold fingers. Designed to be worn over the other products in the Rapha Glove System, the Overmitts are made from a breathable and waterproof three-ply fabric, with taped seams throughout. The fingers are paired in a ‘lobster claw’ construction (pioneered by deep-sea divers and high-altitude mountaineers), as keeping fingers together retains warmth.

The Overmitts allow good dexterity when changing gear and braking, and the index and middle fingers have a foldover sleeve when you need to open a food wrapper, use your phone or search for keys. Reinforced palms and fingers ensure grip is maintained on the bars and the cuffs have a waterproof AquaGuard®VISLON® zip with textured puller, making it easy to grip with gloved hands. The Overmitts have a nosewipe on each hand and reflective piping and reflective logos for visibility. The interior is finished with a brushed tricot lining.

Note: The Overmitts are designed to be worn with other products in the Rapha Glove System. They are not designed to be worn on their own in cold conditions.

Key features: Waterproof three-ply fabric Taped seams Lobster-claw construction Reinforced palms and fingers AquaGuard®VISLON® zip Textured puller Reflective piping and logos"