I am broke off and it’s my second day back on the bike. A week of public transportation was killing me and it feels good to just be able to pedal to work. Theres no way I am racing but I pedal off beneath the grey clouds to support my friends and shoot some photos. I pull up to the race as the B’s gather at the start. I should be lined up there with them but my body says otherwise. Listening to your body is what I learned last week. Is this what 30 is supposed to feel like? Fuck.

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My friends are racing C’s and it’s awesome being able to cheer them on. They look good out there.

Tacos and beer between races is always a treat. Portland sucks for tacos but these people do an ok job. Tough love.

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It’s dark out now and the Men’s A group is off. God damn there fast! Russ rolls his tubular while he was fighting to stay in third position. I have a feeling his string of bad luck is coming to an end. Wheres Jake? Andriao looks fast as always in Master A’s. All his CX skills training is paying off and he’s fucking killing it. Solid 2nd place finishing. Looking forward to seeing how he progresses through the rest of the season. Aden and Eddie are in taking care of business in Single Speeds. Eddie ate shit on the last lap on the barriers. Luckily Eddie walked it off.

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Will I be healed up enough to race next week? I fucking hope so.

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