Post Canyon Exploration

"You've never been to Post Canyon?" is the reaction I am used to getting when people hear I've never made it to the iconic trail system in Hood River, Oregon. I've been fortunate to explore a lot of trails in Oregon and Southern Washington over the past couple years but for some reason, Post was never one of them.  

So today I packed up my wife's car and drove out to Hood River with the goal of exploring some new single track!

I parked on Post Canyon Road and pedalled up the dirt road to the Seven Streams Trailhead. I was told there was some single track you could take on the way up but I decided to stick to the road. 

Once on Seven Streams, I made my way up to Family Man which is a staging area and skill facility. The dirt was perfect and every couple seconds I'd be turning my head to look at another trail off in the distance. 

From Family Man I made my way to 8 Track and the Boot which were super flowy XC style trails. After making the loop back to 8 Track I was wondering where all the technical stuff was. After some digging around on my Trailfork App I made my way to Grand Prix which is a Black Diamond trail. The trail grading at Post Canyon is pretty soft which is probably a good thing. Definitely looking forward to riding some Double Black Diamonds when I come back. 

From Grand Prix I connected to Toilet Bowl which was a super fun trail with some nice senders. Toilet Bowl led me to the iconic Kleeway trail which hugs a clear cut and is basically a dirt roller coaster. I feel pretty bummed that I took the B line on most of the big hits but I just couldn't hold the speed to get them. I'll definitely be back to clean Kleeway from top to bottom. 

Oh and that connector trail I saw off the dirt road on my pedal up was super fun on the way back to the car. 

Make sure to stop by  Kickstand Coffee & Kitchen for a killer sandwich and some trail beta from the crew at Dirty Fingers. Coffee, Beers, Sandwiches and an outside firepit? Sold! 

Huge shout out to the Hood River Area Trail Stewards for all of their hard work.