Pink Bike Interview with Ryan Nyquist

I grew up riding BMX and watching Ryan Nyquist turn into the Athlete he is today. It's really cool to be able to still follow his journey as he begins to break into the Slopestyle scene. Pink Bike just dropped a killer interview, brew up some coffee and take a few minutes to get some insight on the legend that is Ryan Nyquist. 

For me, my background is in BMX, and BMX probably has a range of jumps I’m pretty comfortable hitting, and so when I come to the slopestyle events, a big jump is like 40 foot, and that’s way beyond the realm I’m used to jumping on BMX bikes, so when I show up and see this massive jump I’m still kind of freaking out because my mind hasn’t fully shifted from BMX. It’s like, “Woah, this is massive.” But then I have to realize that these bikes can handle higher speeds, that they’re a lot more stable in the air, so it just works.
— Ryan Nyquist