NiteRider Lumina 500 Review


[portfolio_slideshow id=1403] Cycling in NYC is dangerous enough, so when it comes to bike lights it's best to not mess around. I grew up using Planet Bikes lights which are damn good but last year I decided I need to step my game up. After doing some research I settled on the Niterider Lumina 500 which is one hell of a light! The average car head light puts out 700 - 1000 lumens which means the Niterider Lumina 500 is basically one car light. Damn bright if you ask me.

The light is rechargeable via USB; I usually charge it once a week depending on how much I use it. During these winter days I tend to charge it more because the battery drains faster and it gets dark much earlier. The construction of the lights is pretty rad. The casing is made out of aluminum and comes equipped with a pretty heavy duty mounting bracket. The bracket is a pain in the ass; I am not going to lie. To be fair it's only a pain in the ass because I am moving it between two bikes that have different clamp sizes. The provided clamp barely fits on my carbon road bars.

I really love how strong the light is. It's incredible and really makes commuting at night that much better. As far as road cycling goes; I've used it a bunch and it empowers me to ride when I normally couldn't. The one thing I've noticed is that other cyclists hate it because it's so damn bright and if your coming towards me in the opposite direction you definitely get a eyeful of unwanted lumens. I've had a few people yell at me but honestly I don't care. I use the light for my safety and the Niterider Lumina 500 has been doing just that.

I highly recommend this light if you're looking for something that will make your night commuting more safe or allow you to explore the woods at night. Keep safe out there.

Check out the specs below :

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  • Run Time : 1:30 HRS (HIGH) , 3:00 HRS (MED) , 5:30 HRS (LOW) , 18:00 HRS (WALK)
  • 500 Lumens
  • 1X LI-ION
  • Charge Time : 5:30 Hours
  • Flash Mode, 4 Light Levels
  • Weight 172 grams
  • Price : $130 (but you can find them on sale for about $85)

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