Multnomah Falls (Multnomah County, Oregon)

The 75 mile Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon offers an assortment of amazing rides. I've only had the opportunity to explore a few of them but I can already tell that the trip out to Multnomah Falls is going to be a classic in my books. multnomah_falls_larch_bridge_division

- Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in Oregon. - It's located east of Troutdale, between Corbett and Dodson making it accessible via bikes. - Round trip from SE Portland is just over 60 miles. - You will climb over 3700 feet. - At some points you will be going really really fast. Pedal, tuck and smile!


Pedaling from SE Portland to the Larch Bridge is definitely the worst part about this ride or any ride along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Don't jump.


That horrible ride down Stark St was worth it right?


This view never gets old.


And the views just keep coming.


Forget the training and just keep on looking.


You'll pass a few waterfalls on your way to Multnomah Falls but this one is the best. This is also a great place to refill your water bottles, use the restroom and pick up some food.


Now it's time to enjoy some awesome climbing!


The Radavist + Team Dream. multnomah_falls_riverfoot2multnomah_falls_beachbumRiver vibes.

Notes :

- Once you cross the Stark Bridge you can use the bathroom and refill water bottles at the Dabney State Recreation Area. - Theres a couple of small stores on your way to the Portland Women's Forum. - Refill water bottles at the Portland Women's Forum. - There are plenty of bathrooms and places to fill up bottles once you pass the Vista House. - At Multnomah Falls you can use their nice bathrooms, refill your water bottles, take photos and even get a warm cup of coffee.