Monday Night Racing in Portland Oregon

When our buddy Matthew Barney told us he was purchasing Monday Night PIR, we thought he was all a bit crazy. Turns out a little bit of crazy is all you need to revive a historic race on Monday nights at the Portland International Raceway. This race is definitely in the right hands and I can't wait to see what Barney does with it. 

The Monday Nights Bike Race Series begins April 17th and will be held every Monday night through May 29th. Races are held at Portland International Raceway in North Portland on a flat, closed, car-free circuit. There are separate categories for beginners to more advanced cyclists, including Novice (ages 14 and up), Women (any age), Masters Men (ages 30+) and a fixed gear/track bike category for the truly hardcore. The race series is a great opportunity for novice-level riders to learn bike racing basics with free clinics throughout the season. Fast and fun racing for everyone. All you need is a helmet, a road or fixed geared track bike.....and a a little courage.
— Monday Night PIR